Maple Tree Tapping at Tufts Campus

  Come out to Tufts Campus to help us tap maple trees for the Maple Syrup Project. We will be collecting sap throughout the month of February, to boil at our community boil down on March 10th. Fun for the … Continued

How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Brush Pile

Looking to make your backyard a little more friendly to nature’s creatures? With little more than some fallen branches and logs, you can provide shelter for birds, rabbits, dragonflies, and many other animals right in your own yard!   Materials: … Continued

Don’t Ditch your Rain Barrels

This past week, the first snowfall finally stuck. While the air may be getting frostier, that doesn’t mean forgetting about your rain barrels! You can use your rain barrels throughout the winter to catch snow. As the weather gets warmer, … Continued

Leaf Those Leaves Alone!

The cold weather has been kicking in… and kicking us into action on all the fall chores we’ve been putting off! But the good news is, you can put off raking those leaves a little longer. If procrastination alone isn’t enough … Continued

3rd Annual Bar Stars Selects a Winner!

On Thursday, July 14th, Assembly Row hosted the 3rd Annual Bar Stars! At sunset on the rooftop in the balmy air, the restaurants of The Row competed for the title of bartender supreme. The contest brought the community together for … Continued

Where’d you get that honey?

Honey bees are the species of bees that belong to the genus Apis, which are the only kinds of bees that produces true honey — the kind we like to eat. Honey is made mostly of nectar and bee enzymes. As honey … Continued