Dear Groundwork Community,

As we enter a new year, our planet faces major threats. Ask yourself: Who will solve the problems of food insecurity and environmental degradation? What will future communities need in order to overcome the challenges posed by a changing climate? Groundwork Somerville’s answer: diverse young leaders like the members of our Green Team.

Groundwork prepares youth for lives of professional fulfillment and community leadership through work projects focused on urban agriculture, environmental justice, and civic engagement. The Green Team reflects the cultural diversity of our City and of Somerville High School, where students speak over 50 languages and face the economic and racial injustice still present in our ever-changing community. We know our diverse cultural backgrounds give our community strength, and we aim to harness this in our work towards food, environmental, economic, and racial justice.

We recently learned that crucial government grant funding previously allocated for hiring the spring Green Team is not available in 2018.

We need to raise $10,000 by the end of the year to provide six Somerville youth the opportunity to grow their skills and contribute to Somerville’s resilience this spring.

We believe in connections. In 2017, the Green Team helped build the “Urban Ag Innovation Center” at South Street Farm, where community members can learn about our passively heated greenhouse and vertical growing methods. They worked with World Crops Mentor Farmers to grow culturally relevant crops for our immigrant communities. They mapped and removed invasive plants, helping make the Mystic River Waterfront a resource for social and recreational use. Working together to cultivate these resources builds connections between and within the Green Team and their communities, so we can be better prepared for the changing environmental and social climate in 2018.


Please contribute what you can to invest our future. Your gift of:

  • $10 will allow the Green Team to remove invasive plants from 50 square feet of the Mystic River waterfront, making it more accessible to our community.
  • $50 will allow the Green Team to harvest 50 pounds of culturally relevant produce to be sold affordably at the Somerville Mobile Farmers Market.
  • $100 will promote a Green Team member ready to step into a leadership role.
  • $500 will support upgrades to the Green Team’s bike fleet and Mobile Bike Market.
  • $1,500 will hire one Green Team member for the full spring, summer, or fall season.


Thank you for your past support of Groundwork Somerville. Because of you, Groundwork has grown into a vibrant organization impacting sustainability within Somerville and the surrounding region. Contributing at this moment of need will enable Groundwork to continue its momentum for a cleaner, greener, healthier, more equitable Somerville.


With much gratitude,


Conrad Crawford, Executive Director

And the rest of the crew at Groundwork Somerville


Donate one of three easy ways:

via Giving Common at

via Facebook at

by check, at Groundwork Somerville, 337 Somerville Ave #2B, Somerville, MA 02143



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