Terranova Youth Design Contest

Join the Terranova Youth Design Contest for a chance to win $175 and have your garden design installed at Somernova in Frost Alley! Designers must be middle or high school students in Somerville or Cambridge. Due date for proposals is June 12 and winners will be decided by June 17. This is a partnership between Groundwork Somerville, Somernova, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. Thank you to our partners for providing funding and expertise and stay tuned for a formal announcement from Somernova!


Join the Terranova Youth Design Contest!

Are you a middle or high school student in Cambridge or Somerville with a passion for design? Would you like to design a new garden space at Somernova’s Frost Alley (the alley behind Market Basket)? Would you like to try and win $175 and have your design installed at Somernova? Join us today!

We are hosting a design competition to create a new 8 by 3 foot garden in Frost Alley. We need your help! We will have three workshops to help you create your design. While these are not mandatory, they will help you better understand how to design a garden like this.

Training Sessions will take place on Saturdays from May 15-May 29 and will be 11AM to 12:30PM.

Design Guidelines:
~ Youth participants must be in middle or high school and live in Somerville, Cambridge, or Medford.
~ Youth can participate as an individual or in partners. Teams larger than 2 members are not eligible to participate.
~ Youth will design the landscaping of an 8’ x 3’ raised bed that will live in the alley next to Market Basket, which is called Frost Alley.
~ Youth may choose to also create a design for the planter itself, which will be a stainless steel metal tub, 6 feet long by 3 feet wide, similar to this.
~ Plants must all be native to New England. Plants are not required to be edible, but that element is allowed. ~ ~ ~ Plants must be legal for installation in public spaces.
~ The design must be fully enclosed within the raised bed (cannot hang over the edges) and growth should not exceed 5 feet high once fully grown.
~ Designs must include signage about the plants, including the importance of native planting and the names of the plants included.

~ 1st prize will receive $175 per team member and will see their designs made into reality in Frost Alley
~ 2nd prize will receive $125 each team member
~ 3rd and 4th prize will each be awarded $50 each participant.

This is a partnership between Groundwork Somerville, Somernova, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. We are honored to be working together! Major thanks to Somernova for providing funding and BSLA for providing expertise.


We need your stickers!
Are you a local business or community group and do you have branded stickers? We need them for a project with Somernova! If you do have some, either drop them in the Groundwork Somerville mailbox at 337 Somerville Ave, or email director@groundworksomerville.org to coordinate a pick-up.
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