Paid Job Training:

2011 Season

There is only a crew of five for the 2011 season but our goals remain ambitious.  We have a wonderful program planned for this year based out of the Minuteman National Park in Concord, MA.  We will work with the National Park Service to restore the historic vista of the Minute Man Trail and learn a variety of skills.  Crew members will learn how to identify invasives, practice using and maintaining landscape powertools and handtools, and partake in life-skills building workshops (e.g. resume writing, budgeting, business ownership, and many more).  This year’s program will run from July until October.

2010 Season

Based at the Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, MA and the Saugus Iron Works in Saugus, MA, the teams worked with master craftspeople learning all aspects of renovating historical buildings, fabricating historically accurate tools, and creating landscapes with the expectation that they will work in the field after completing the program.  Throughout 2010, one team of the NPP  renovated a historic barn and house while a second team rehabilitated fields to their historical states.  A final team recreated sluiceways in an iron-working facility. Additionally, once a week the team returned to Somerville to participate in community service on projects that assist local non-profits, build green infrastructure in the community, and promote green living and sustainable community development.