clay gardenBuilding on our expertise in sustainability Groundwork Somerville is now offering landscape design, construction and maintenance services for residential clients. Clay Larsen Groundwork’s Landscape Project Manager brings his years of experience as a landscape professional to this new initiative strengthening and broadening Groundwork’s capacity.  Visit for Clay’s portfolio link and past projects.

Our Residential Landscape services will help you live sustainably in style. Let us design and build you an urban oasis that will surround you with natural beauty, provide a place for you to gather with friends, pick fresh herbs and vegetables and restore the local environment by creating a habitat for birds, pollinators and other creatures. We can also help organize your stuff to make it easier to ride your bike, keep the recycling and compost under control and maintain your garden. Flooding and drainage issues can also be addressed sustainably by capturing storm water runoff in rain gardens, drywells or rainwater catchments system and reusing it for irrigation or waterfalls. Send us an email we will be happy to discus your project and set up a consultation.

To request Sustainable Landscape Services,  fill out this form, and please email Groundwork Somerville’s Projects Manager and Landscape Designer at with additional questions.


If you are interested in starting a School Garden Program, please click here for more information.


Here’s what our clients have said about Groundwork’s Gardens Consulting and Sustainable Landscape Servies:

  • Groundwork Somerville was an essential and integral part of planning and creating the garden at Everett High School (EHS).   Creation of a school garden is a complex task especially for people who have never gardened before.  Tai Dinnan was the Groundwork Somerville representative that met with the garden team at EHS.  She was able to guide us in our choices in practically every aspect of the garden—from construction and number of garden beds to plant choices to an ideal time frames for garden planting.  Without Tai’s expertise and advice, the garden at EHS would not have been the success it has been. (Keely, High School Science Teacher and Green Club Advisor)
  • After I contacted Groundwork for a garden consultation,  I was impressed that the consultant was very professional– she let me know what the consultation would entail and the goals we’d achieve through the consultation. When she came to my home, despite the fact that I am only working with a tiny patch of ground, she took my garden seriously and gave me thoughtful advice. She even drew up a helpful chart of varieties I could successfully grow, and a timeline for preparing and planting. I am thrilled with the assistance I received and really excited about my new garden! (Kate, Somerville Resident)
  • Reactions from a Teacher’s Workshop focusing on bringing classrooms outdoors:  I was pleased with the workshop because it was hands on and thought provoking and kept participants’ attention.  Outdoor learning is very realistic and exciting! Anything can be taught outdoors – so many curriculum connections!  I left with lots of ideas about classroom management outside. Tai was great – very knowledgeable and realistic. Loved it – thanks! (Needham Elementary Teachers)
  • Following a professional development workshop for Everett Public School teachers: Lee, thank you so much for coming out and helping us with our program this year! Groundwork Somerville rocks! (Jodi, Health & Wellness Coordinator)