Groundwork Somerville continues our work to promote home, outdoor, and worm composting.  Email to learn more or purchase worms and bins.

WORMS!  $10
– 1/4 pound (about 250 worms, castings, and their egg cocoons): enough to start your own bin
-Red Wigglers: fast growers & eaters, perfect for indoor worm bins

Ready-to-Compost Bin: $35

-Pick up a ready-to-compost bin (complete with worms and bedding) from Groundwork Somerville

The Guide to Black Gold

-Groundwork’s guide on how to build and manage a worm composting bin in your home!

-check it out here


-We run worm-bin building workshops at Groundwork Somerville and in partnership with other community events. Be on the lookout for the next workshop on Groundwork’s newsletter, or by emailing