Important Update (posted 4/29): We are currently filling a large order of compost bins for the Boston Public Schools, and so will be unable to complete community orders for a while. We will be updating this message when that changes, so check back here!

Groundwork Somerville continues our work to promote home, outdoor, and worm composting.  Email to learn more or purchase worms and bins.

WORMS!  $10
– 1/4 pound (about 250 worms, castings, and their egg cocoons): enough to start your own bin
-Red Wigglers: fast growers & eaters, perfect for indoor worm bins

Ready-to-Compost Bin: $35

-Pick up a ready-to-compost bin (complete with worms and bedding) from Groundwork Somerville

The Guide to Black Gold

-Groundwork’s guide on how to build and manage a worm composting bin in your home!

-check it out here


-We run worm-bin building workshops at Groundwork Somerville and in partnership with other community events. Be on the lookout for the next workshop on Groundwork’s newsletter, or by emailing