Welcome to our new worm order system! Since we do not have an unlimited supply of worms, we will be putting together a certain number of orders to be filled each month. If we have already reached our limit on orders for this month, you will have an opportunity to sign up next month! This month’s request form can be accessed here: Worm Request Form

All worm orders must be picked up at our office at 337 Somerville Ave #2B in Somerville.

Groundwork Somerville continues our work to promote home, outdoor, and worm composting.  Please email outreach@groundworksomerville.org with any additional questions!

Worms! $5-15 (sliding scale)

-50 red wriggler worms perfect for starting an indoor bin.  Feed them well and you’ll have hundreds of worms in no time.

-This price is a sliding scale. You can pay what you are comfortable with.

Ready-to-Compost Bin: $25

-Pick up a ready-to-compost bin (just add worms!) from Groundwork Somerville



-We run worm-bin building workshops at Groundwork Somerville and in partnership with other community events. Be on the lookout for the next workshop on Groundwork’s newsletter, or by emailing outreach@groundworksomerville.org