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The National Park Service is currently accepting applications for the 2014 Branching Out Program. Branching Out is an outdoor, summer work experience that provides young people (ages 16 – 24 by July 1) with an overview of landscape maintenance practices through educational
workshops and hands-on fi eld experiences. Landscape maintenace: the process of keeping a landscape (park, garden, yard, etc..) clean, safe,
healthy and attractive. This is a 38-40 hour/week, paid experience. Hourly
rates start at $10.00/hour. Participants will:
• Learn about the historical significance of national
parks and how to maintain them.
• Gain hands-on experience in tree and shrub care,
turf management, and formal garden maintenance.
• Receive training and certification in use of power
• Receive special training specific to your interests.
• Discover education pathways to college or training.
• Explore career paths such as gardener,
horticulturist, or arborist.
• Visit a national park in another state.

Applicants may be eligible for an 8 – 10 week position.
Experience is not required, but placement is based on
the applicant’s level of skill and interest in the field of
landscape maintenance.

U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation
For more information contact Michelle Pizzillo at
617/241-6954 ex: 268 or
To apply, return the completed application to:

Celena Illuzzi
Olmsted Center for Landsacape Preservation
Charlestown Navy Yard, Quarters C
Boston, MA 02129
Or fax your application to: 617/241-3952
Applications must be received by March 14, 2014.
Applications received after March 14th will not
be reviewed.

2014 Branching Out Application


We are now hiring for our summer 2014 Green Team and National Park Preservers!

What is the Green Team?

The Green Team is a youth jobs leadership program for Somerville teens. Hired youth will work in teams to improve the environment, fight for environmental justice, and learn about where you live, work, and play!

What do we do?

The Green Team will work on teams involved with Urban Agriculture, Urban Forestry, and Mystic River Management. Responsibilities will include harvesting, weeding, learning to grow vegetables, managing a farmer’s market table, removing water chestnuts from the Mystic River and much more. You will learn to trust your voice, travel by bike in the city, work effectively on a team, identify and complete projects, and lead volunteer days. Be ready to get dirty, sweaty, and healthy!

How much does it pay?

Green Team members work 24 hours/week during the summer at $8/hour. Team members will also be expected to complete 20 hours of community service. Work days are Tuesday-Friday and volunteer hours will be completed on Fridays, Saturdays and weekday nights.

When is it?

The Green Team will run from July 1-August 22 including a three day camping trip in mid-July.

Green Team Summer Application 2014

What is National Park Preservers?

National Park Preservers (NPP) is a youth jobs program for 18-25 year olds with some connection to Somerville, MA who will train and work in the Minuteman National Historic Park throughout the summer in the rehabilitation of historic agricultural fields within Minute Man National Historical Park. This work will improve overgrown agricultural fields within the Battle Road Unit of the park. The work will include clearing overgrown vegetation along historic stone walls and removal of invasive plant species from cultural landscapes. They will also install livestock fencing to allow animals to graze the fields, and clear agricultural ditches to help drain the fields. Improvements to the park’s cultural landscape will increase visitor enjoyment of park resources and visitor understanding of the opening battle of the American Revolution. Work will include clearing invasive vegetation from overgrown fields and stone walls, rebuilding stone walls, thinning overgrown hedgerows, installing livestock fencing, clearing agricultural drainage ditches, assisting with farm activities and other tasks associated with preserving the park’s historic agrarian landscape.

Youth will also receive hands-on training at Minute Man National Park, with instruction, project oversight and supervision of Park based training activities provided by park staff. Preservation training on historic agricultural landscape and field rehabilitation will include some or all of the following: clearing invasive vegetation from overgrown fields and stone walls, rebuilding stone walls, thinning overgrown hedgerows, installing livestock fencing, eradicating non-native invasive plants, clearing agricultural drainage ditches, assisting with farm activities and other tasks associated with preserving the park’s historic agrarian landscape.

Project supplies and uniforms: Boots, gloves, poison ivy scrub and other essential supplies will be provided for the work to be done at MNHP.

National Park Service Volunteer Hours: Each NPP member will participate in periodic volunteer service projects around the City of Somerville. These service projects can include, but are not limited to: clean up of vacant lots, maintenance of urban agriculture sites, an invasive species clearing along the Mystic River, partnerships with local businesses, and outreach for public meetings. Due to the rigorous schedule of the program, this will not exceed four days throughout the summer, and are to be performed generally on weekends and after work hours as possible.


This will be a full time job from July 1 – August 23, 40 hours a week, 8am-4pm in the park. Employees may arrive under their own transportation, or may meet at 7am at the Gorundwork Office at 24 Park St. in Somerville to receive a ride to the Park. They may also return in this fashion, arriving back in Somerville at 5pm. Pay is $11/hour.

How do I apply?

Return the attached application to Chris Mancini at Groundwork Somerville by the deadline MAY 9th, 2014!

Questions: Contact Kristin at, 617-628-9988, or stop by the Groundwork Somerville office:

National Park Preservers Application 2014


Please check out the rest of our website first to learn about our programs, events, and staff, and read the descriptions below thoroughly.  If you have questions or would like to apply for an internship not listed below, please contact the appropriate coordinator in the description (do not mail resumes or other materials unless specifically requested):

*Unfortunately, due to budget constraints the following internship opportunities are currently unpaid.  If you are a student, we may be able to help you seek funding through your school’s work-study program, community service office, or fellowships.*

Farmer’s Market (2 Openings)

Hours: May-October (summer-only interns will also be considered); 12-15 hour per week; Saturdays and/or Thursdays.

Description: Farmers’ Market Intern will manage weekly youth-led Mobile Market booths at the Mystic & Clarendon Hill/North St housing developments and at Glen Park on Saturdays, as well as at the Council on Aging center on Thursdays. Farmers’ Market Intern may also assist with pre-market harvest, weighing, sorting, and packaging produce on Fridays and Saturday mornings.
Desired qualifications: bilingual (Creole, Portuguese, or Spanish) and/or bicultural competence, experience working with urban youth, experience with farming or basic gardening knowledge, customer service experience, documentation skills, and detail-oriented focus. Must be able to lift heavy containers of produce and spend time outdoors in hot weather! Groundwork Somerville will train on market stand management details and documentation systems.

Garden Youth Crew Leader (2 Openings)

Hours: July 2-August 24 (can start earlier if available); 24 hours per week

Description: Garden Youth Crew is an apprenticeship program for middle-school youth from Somerville interested in gardening, urban agriculture, environmental advocacy, and nature. Structured somewhat like a day-camp, the group of 6-10 middle schoolers meet 3-4 days a week to learn about gardening, agriculture, and to maintain 2-3 of Groundwork’s Schoolyard Gardens. The crew also works together to create a value-added product from the gardens to sell at local farmers markets. Crew members receive a $50 stipend for completing the program. The Garden Youth Crew Leader will plan and coordinate the Garden Youth Crew, developing activities, workshops, and projects. From early July to mid-August, they will supervise and lead the Garden Youth Crew with advisory help from Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Coordinator, Lee Dwyer, meeting weekly with Lee to plan and improve each week’s programming. The Garden Youth Crew Leader will be responsible for leading the youth in maintaining two school gardens, running educational activities, and planning activities and trips throughout the summer; they will also be in charge of promoting positive youth development and team work and ensuring students’ basic safety.

Desired qualifications: experience working with middle-school youth(e.g. teaching groups of students, being a camp counselor, tutoring/mentoring); experience gardening and/or farming; leadership and coordination ability; strong communication skills; ability to work outdoors during the summer heat; a sense of humor!

Administrative Intern (1 Opening)

Hours: June-August (start/end dates flexible); 10-30 hours per week (TBD with intern)

Description: The Administrative Intern will assist the Executive Director with all aspects of the efficient functioning of a nonprofit organization. This will include tasks such as facilitating relationships with project and program partners, including the City of Somerville; volunteer and donor cultivation and tracking; composing monthly e-newsletters; website maintenance and updates; and payroll. Other projects may include creating new outreach materials and brochures; coordinating equipment and supply needs with Program Coordinators; grant research and writing; and in-person outreach and event coordination. To some degree, this position’s responsibilities can be tailored to the interests of the intern so they may gain the most from the work experience.

Desired qualifications: experience in volunteer coordination, donor recruitment/tracking, development, grant-writing, and/or marketing/outreach; strong writing, communication, and organization skills; basic knowledge of social media management; familiarity with the basic operation of a small non-profit organization.

Green Team Supervisor (2-3 Openings)

Months: June-August. Green Team works from July 2-August 24; Supervisors will start on June 15 to plan and prepare for the program.

Hours: 30-35/week

Description: Groundwork Somerville is currently seeking Green Team Supervisors for the 2013 summer season. The Green Team is an environmental jobs program for high school youth in Somerville. This summer they will focus on improving a riverside park in Somerville (Blessing of the Bay), leading community outreach projects, maintaining Groundwork Somerville’s urban agriculture site, the South Street Farm, and harvesting produce from schoolyard gardens. Supervisors will each be assigned to a team of 8 (7 youth workers and 1 youth assistant) to carry out environmental stewardship and advocacy projects. Teams and Supervisors will work on some projects together, and independently for the majority of the summer, coming together for community meals each week, volunteer projects, and a 3-day, 2-night camping trip the second week of July.

Desired qualifications: experience working with urban youth, bi-lingual and/or bi-cultural (Spanish, Kreyol, or Portuguese preferred), experience with park maintenance, horticulture, and/or outdoor work, commitment to youth empowerment. Additional skills: comfort riding a bicycle in the city (the Green Team rides bikes as a main form of transportation during the summer months); strong communication and coordination skills.